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Welcome to the Show Dogs web ring, this ring is designed to link together websites/pages for show dogs of all breeds that compete within the great Lone Star state.  Our only qualification for membership are that you show your dogs in the greater Texas area.  We also will not accept applications where the HTML code cannot be easily found on your web site.

Please read the "Rules of the Ring" before submitting your website.

Step 1
Right click on the below graphic and save it to your hard drive.  

Step 2
Please complete ALL sections of this form

Step 3
You will receive an email containing the HTML code for the webring.  Add the HTML somewhere (easily found) on your web site.  If you have any questions please e-mail the ringmaster.

Step 4
Once you've added the code your webring will look like the example below.  Please e-mail the ringmaster to let them know where you've added it and if all is in order you'll be added to the Texas Show Dogs webring.


If you need to change or edit any of your details please log in to the Member Section (link in left column).