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  • The HTML code for the webring must be placed either on the page (URL) that you submit to the ring or on a "rings" or "links" page that is easy to find within your website. If you choose to place the ring code on a page other than the front page of your site, the URL where the code has actually been placed must be submitted to the ringmaster when you notify him that the code is up and ready for final approval.
  • You must be able to cut and paste and/or edit source code into a HTML document .
  • Any graphics that are obtained from this ring's home page MUST be downloaded to your own computer and then uploaded to your own local directory. Please do not link directly to the graphics on this webring's home page - that is bandwidth robbery!
  • When you submit a site to the Texas Show Dog's Webring, a default HTML fragment is automatically generated for you. This code is ready to copy and paste with no further adjustments. This code is guaranteed to work if it is copied and pasted exactly as written. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that the code works and displays properly.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to customize your webring code as long as the essential code elements remain intact. (i.e. all links, id #'s, etc.) Graphics may be changed as long as the words "Texas Show Dogs Webring" appear on the main graphic. All custom codes and graphics are subject to the approval of the ringmaster.
  • All sites submitted to the Texas Show Dogs Webring are automatically placed in the queue. You then must place the code on your website, make sure that it displays and works correctly, and then notify the ringmaster that you are ready to be added to the ring. The ringmaster is automatically notified every time a site is added to the queue.  Every effort will be made to check out sites regularly to see if they are ready to be added. It's best to notify the ringmaster when your website is ready to ensure your addition to the ring.
  • Submitted sites that fail to follow the "Rules of the Ring" will not be added. Failure to follow these rules by sites already in the ring will be grounds for removal from the ring, and resubmission will then be required for reconsideration of inclusion in the Texas Show Dogs Webring.
  • No dog merchandise sites will be accepted to the Texas Show Dogs Webring unless they sell show-related products (such as show leads/collars, specialized grooming products, etc - contact ringmaster to be sure before submission).